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GEKO Circulation Support
Geko product image

Powered by OnPulse™ technology, the non-invasive geko™ device triggers the body's built in mechanisms to increase blood circulation. Small electrical impulses gently stimulate the common peroneal nerve which in turn activates the muscle pumps of the lower leg that return blood towards the heart. In this way, neuromuscular stimulation in the lower limb emulates the process normally achieved by walking (up to 60%) but without the patient having to move or exert energy and without discomfort.

A simple, self-adhesive device that is applied to the back of each knee, the disposable, one-size-fits-all geko™ device is designed to avoid the need for more complex procedures.

Product ID Descriptionsort descending Unit of Measure Package Qty.
G80T3RW02-25 Device, Circulation, T3, GEKO BOX 25 Details
Product ID: G80T3RW02-25
Description: Device, Circulation, T3, GEKO
Supplier: Perfuse Medtec
Unit of Measure: BOX
Package Qty: 25