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Our History

Timeline of Trudell Healthcare Solutions


In 1922, the first Trudell Company was founded by George Stewart Trudell. The company imported religious articles and medical supplies for the Sisters of St. Joseph, founders and operators of St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Canada. The focus soon shifted exclusively to medical products.

By 1939, Geo. S. Trudell Company employed five people including George Otto Trudell, George Stewart's son. The company continued to prosper as a small Canadian medical supply distributor. The post war growth was excellent and by the 1960's the company had truly made a mark.

In 1967, after George Otto passed away, Mitchell A. Baran purchased the company from George Otto's estate. The company grew rapidly under his leadership. The strategy included securing exclusive nationwide product lines and building a stronger sales and marketing team. Trudell also began to contract manufacturers to make Trudell branded products. The Geo. S Trudell Company was the precursor to today’s Trudell Healthcare Solutions (formerly Trudell Medical Marketing Limited) and its affiliate Trudell Medical International.

In the 1970's, Northgate Research, located in New York State, USA was acquired to develop and manufacture electrohydraulic lithotripters, ground breaking technology allowing for non-invasive fragmentation of urinary stones. This was the beginning of our history of medical device innovation. This company was also the precursor to today’s Northgate Technologies Inc., a company specializing in innovative equipment and medical devices used in minimally invasive surgical procedures and located in Elgin, Illinois.

During the 1980's, Monaghan Medical Corp. was acquired and established a manufacturing and research presence in Plattsburgh, USA.

The 1980's marked a time of tremendous growth for the Trudell Medical Group of companies. Focus shifted from manufacturing ventilators to producing asthma and respiratory disease related products. Later, the expertise in the respiratory field led to the development of the first generation of the AEROCHAMBER* brand of valved holding chambers, long recognized as the gold standard in its class. Other innovative respiratory products were added as the years passed.

By the end of the 80's, the Trudell Medical Group of companies had advanced beyond its North American roots, as a strong global leader in respiratory care products and services.

Most recently, the AEROBIKA® OPEP Therapy System won Gold at the 2014 Medical Design Excellence awards in New York City. The OPEP is a drug-free treatment applicable to 250 million COPD patients around the world.

Our world-class aerosol laboratory at Trudell Medical International in London, Canada provides technical knowledge to test and improve our product lines and works with our engineering staff to develop innovative and cost effective products through ongoing research.

Trudell Healthcare Solutions is a specialty medical distribution company partnering with a range of superior medical suppliers to sell, service and distribute advanced critical care and respiratory products and quality operating room equipment to hospitals across the country.

Driven by our core values of respect, trust, integrity, duty, and innovation we strive to be the best in our fields of endeavour.

The company has entered a new era with the passing of Mitchell A. Baran in August of 2015. He was responsible for the rapid growth of the Trudell Group since he acquired the business in 1967. This growth was accomplished though the creation of a unique culture founded on respect and genuine caring for all employees.  


Mitchell A. Baran
Past Chairman, CEO and Owner
Trudell Group of Companies


George T. Baran
Executive Chairman
Trudell Group of Companies
2015 - present


At Trudell Medical Group, we look to the future with strength and optimism. We know that the products and services we provide improve the quality of patients’ lives, while saving healthcare systems money. We are committed to continued innovation and dedication toward this goal.