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AdTec™ Reusable - Complete Instruments

AdTec™ Reusable Instruments

  • Non-protruding joints help prevent sutures from getting caught inside joints and unintended tissue cauterization
  • PolyEtherKetone( PEEK ) provides durable insulation of handle and shaft. Robust material maintains intehrety during sterilization cycles
  • Modualr design provides simple assembly and disassembly. Complete disassembly of the instrument into four components for optimal cleaning. Validated for sterilization while fully assembled
  • Innovative ergonomic handle design maintains surgeon confort & reduces hand fatigue. Handle can be grasped in varius positions. Enlarged rotator knob with slip resitant ridges provides excellent control of the instrument. Available in rachet and non-ratchet styles
  • Cost Effective- all handles and instrument jaw inserts are fully compatible and interchangable. If a component wears out, only the single part and not the entire instrument requires repair or replacement.