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Vyaire Anesthesia Face Masks

Anesthesia Masks
Anesthesia Masks

Flexible Masks

Our high-quality disposable, flexible face masks offer a soft face plate, teardrop shape and superior grip.

  • Pediatric sizes are offered in an optional child-friendly bubble gum scent.
  • Easy to inflate or deflate air cushion with top valve style.
  • Vyaire offers color-coded packaging for easy size identification.

Round face masks

Our traditional line of non-flexible, rounded dome face masks provides several styles to suit individual needs.

  • They feature a dual inflation valve (tail valve) that permits cushion adjustment with a syringe or by mouth.
  • Soft, pliable, air-filled cushion molds easily to face to deliver a low-pressure seal.

Standard face masks

Standard disposable face masks featuring color-coded hook rings, brilliant clarity, and semi-soft teardrop face plates.

Vyaire Anesthesia Face Masks - Brochure