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Appliers for Titanium Clips

Aneurysm Clip System
Clip Appliers
Clip Appliers
Clip Appliers

Double Bayonet Clip Applier

  • Tip offsets clip from applier shaft for better visibility.
  • Very slim profile occupies very minimal space under the microscope.
  • Color coded button helps match applier to clips.
  • Push button latch on rear of handle minimizes accidental engagement but remains easily accessible.

Vario Clip Applier

  • Articulating adjustable jaw provide improved versatility in clip positioning.
  • Adjustable key for Vario clip applier for setting the angle within the jaw.

XS Clip Applier

  • Slim tubular shaft design provides maximum freedom of movement for craniotomy.
  • Allows for shaft rotation of 360 degrees.
  • Slightly angled jaw pieces (5 deg) provides better visibility during application.

YASARGIL® Aneurysm Clip System - Brochure
YASARGIL® Specialty Aneurysm Clip System - Brochure
Aneurysm Clip Appliers - Instructions for Use

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