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AeroEclipse™ II Breath Actuated Nebulizer and OMBRA™ Compressor Systems

Breath Actuated Nebulizer
Breath Actuated Nebulizer
Breath Actuated Nebulizer
Compressor System for Nebulizers

AeroEclipse™ II  Breath Actuated Nebulizer

The AeroEclipse* BAN nebulizer is the world's only breath-actuated small volume nebulizer. Aerosolized medication is only produced when you inhale through the device. This means between breaths or during breaks in treatment, prescribed medication is contained in the cup until you are ready to inhale it.

The AeroEclipse* BAN has a unique patient friendly green feedback button which moves down on inhalation.

An optional filter kit is available as a single patient, single use accessory to the AeroEclipse* BAN nebulizer.

  • Filters fugitive emissions, viruses, and bacteria from the patient's exhaled breath.
  • Reduces exposure of healthcare providers to potentially harmful emissions.

OMBRA™ Compressor Systems

The OMBRA* Portable Compressor is designed to deliver compressed air to a jet or pneumatic nebulizer. This compressor may be used with adult, child or paediatric patients.

  • Powered by 12V DC car adaptor, wall outlet or battery (included).
  • Integrated nebulizer cup holder for added convenience.
  • Travel friendly carrying case keeps your treatment accessories organized.