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Noir® Cardiovascular Scissors

Cardiovascular Dissecting Scissors

Aesculap® cardiovascular Scissors provide superior functionality, comfort and reliability and meet the high standard which is required in this specialty.

The combination of the renowned Aesculap tungsten carbide technology and the Aesculap® Noir® coating results in an excellent wear resistance for very fine and secure dissection.  Noir® Dissecting Scissors are available in different lengths from 110 mm to 350 mm total length.

Key Features - Noir® Dissecting Scissors 

  • Noir® coating – extremely hard surface for high wear and tear resistance.
  • Non-reflecting - absorption of OR-light.
  • Microtome edge – especially sharp for smooth cutting with little force.
  • Wavecut – prevents slipping of tissue.
  • Different designs – Metzenbaum, Baby-Metzenbaum, Tönnis-Adson, Mayo, Nelson- Metzenbaum, Lexer.
  • Models available with and without wavecut.
  • Some models with especially fine tip.



Noir® - Brochure
NOIR - Brochure (1.02 MB)

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