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StatCO2® Colorimetric Breath Indicators

Adult Colorimetric Breath Indicators
Pediatric Colorimetric Breath Indicators
Neonatal Colorimetric Breath Indicators

Fast, durable colorimetric breath indicators for visualization of exhaled CO2 to assist in verifying proper intubation for patient weight ranges of <1kg and above.

StatCO2® Breath Indicators are designed to connect between an endotracheal tube and a breathing device. The patient’s exhalation gas is led through the indicator to detect approximate ranges of end tidal CO2 by color comparison assisting in the verification of proper tube placement. 

Key Features - StatCO2®, Mini StatCO2®, Neo-StatCO2®

  • Vivid breath-to-breath color change.
  • Easy in-line viewing.
  • Works in 100% humidity.
  • 24-hour performance allows you to save costs without having to use another device to check during transport or ET tube placement.
  • Convenient Red Pull Tab activates device when ready to use to preserve the device when removed from pouch.

StatCO2® - Brochure
StatCO2® - Poster (307.9 KB)
StatCO2® - Instructions for Use
StatCO2® - IFU (642.23 KB)
StatCO2® - Product Overview

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