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VentiSeal™ Cuffed Endotracheal Tubes

VentiSeal Endotracheal Tube
Endotracheal Tube with Cuff
Endotracheal Tube with Cuff

Our comprehensive range of endotracheal tubes have features to ensure patient safety and comfort, allowing intubation with enhanced confidence.

VentiSeal™ cuffed ET Tubes use a high volume low pressure cuff with a thin smooth cuff wall that conforms to the tracheal contours for an effective seal. They are also Sterile, Single-use, DEHP Free, and Latex Free.

Specialty configurations available: Oral/Nasal, Curved Oral and Nasal, Wire-Reinforced, and with Stylet.

Key Features – VentiSeal™ Cuffed Endotracheal Tubes

  • Soft Rounded Distal Tip: Gentle, beveled tip reduces potential for soft tissue trauma during insertion, with minimal increase in flow resistance.
  • Large Murphy’s Eye: Keeps airway patent should tip become occluded and large size of hole softens tip, reducing risk of soft tissue trauma.
  • Circumferential Vocal Cord Markers: Double guide lines are clearly seen from all angles, facilitating safe and accurate cuff placement below the vocal cords.
  • Distance Markings: Earlier indication of depth during insertion with clear, bold print and check for any possible movement or dislocation of the ET tube during the procedure.
  • Kink Resistant: Retains tube patency for patient safety, whilst softening at body temperature to conform to patient’s respiratory tract.
  • Rapid Inflation Pilot Balloon: Small balloon size, means less air is pushed into cuff, reducing potential tracheal wall necrosis when checking cuff inflation using the “squeeze” test.

VentiSeal™ - Brochure
VentiSeal™ - Instructions for Use