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Double-Lumen Endobronchial Tubes

Endobronchial Tube
Endobronchial Tube
Endobronchial Tube

SunMed’s Double-Lumen endobronchial tubes for the left and right side are sterile, latex free, and disposable. They are used to isolate the left and or right lung for surgical procedures. Available in 28FR to 41FR sizes.

The Color coded clear (tracheal) and blue (bronchial) tube design easily differentiates the appropriate lumen, pilot balloon and cuff.

Key Features

  • 90 degree valve eliminates the need for awkward clamps.
  • Y-connector is pre-assembled for ease and efficiency.
  • Scope and suction catheter access in either open or closed position.
  • Low friction, adjustable pressure suction catheter has a textured outer wall for easier advancement.
  • Durable PVC tracheal cuff resists tearing during insertion.
  • Low profile, smooth tracheal opening can reduce trauma during insertion.
  • Distal tip angle facilitates insertion into proper main stem bronchus.

Endobronchial Tubes - Brochure
Endobronchial Tubes - Instructions for Use

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