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Oxygen Monitors and Oxygen Analyzers

Oxygen Monitor with Flowmeters and Blender
Oxygen Analyzer with Flowmeter and Coil Cable
Oxygen Monitor
Oxygen Analyzer

The Precision Medical Oxygen Monitor and AccuO2 Oxygen Analyzer have been expertly engineered to meet the demands of critical settings. The PM5900 and PM5950 leverage precise engineering principles to provide gas analysis capabilities while stressing easy-to-use and low-maintenance features.

Oxygen Monitor - PM5900

The PM5900 is designed to accurately view oxygen concentrations and uses push buttons to easily set high and low alarms.


  • Retains settings when batteries are removed.
  • Three standard alarms including high and low, check sensor and low battery.
  • Constructed of high impact housing for unmatched performance under the most demanding conditions.
  • Engineered with simple mounting brackets, soft side grips and nonskid support feet.
  • Easy-to-read screen and simple keypad operation.
  • Maintains ±3 percent accuracy.

AccuO2 Analyzer - PM5950

The PM5950 is designed to accurately measure volume percent oxygen. The compact analyzer is best used when an inline analyzer is required.


  • Lightweight.
  • Handheld or mountable.
  • Easy one touch calibration using medical air or oxygen.
  • 5,000+ hour operation using 2 AA batteries.

Oxygen Monitor and Analyzer - Brochure
Oxygen Monitor - Instructions for Use
Oxygen Analyzer- Instructions for Use