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Portable Suction Aspirator - The EasyGoVac

Portable Suction Aspirator
Portable Suction Aspirator
Portable Suction Aspirator with Carry Bag

Precision Medical Aspirators deliver top-of-the-line suction capabilities with outstanding safety features and safeguards. There are a range of portable and stationary aspirators designed for a variety of suction procedures with continuous and intermittent operation.

All aspirators feature hospital-grade power cords, inline hydrophobic bacteria filters, and support 800cc, 1200cc and 2000cc collection cannisters.


The EasyGoVac battery-powered suction aspirator pairs ease of use with powerful suction that is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, EMS and homecare use.

EasyGoVac - Key Features

  • Provides operating vacuum range up to 483 mmHg.
  • High-performance battery delivers 2 hours of run time.
  • Dependable continuous suction power to remove respiratory fluids.
  • Integrated “Low Battery Light” to inform users when it requires charging.
  • Easy to clean with a closed design limits risk of bacterial growth or possible contamination.

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