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SentrySuite™ Software Solution

SentrySuite Software

Vyaire's SentrySuite™ software platform powers all Vyntus™ and MasterScreen™ systems, making them incredibly easy to operate from system-to-system and test-to-test.

The user interface provides guidance cues and quality control feedback to help technicians and patients achieve acceptable and repeatable results. Review and web-based Mobile Review applications allow lab staff to visually track each patient through the visit and interpretation processes.

SentrySuite™ seamlessly connects with your existing network and clinical infrastructures, making collaboration easy from everywhere.

Key Features – SentrySuite™

  • Support for more than 20 PFT and CPET measurement methods.
  • Provides consistent user interface, intuitive operation and quick learning.
  • Derive data from mobile and stationary devices. Connect external equipment like blood gas analyzers and external load devices like bicycles and treadmills.
  • Exchange data and trigger workflows together with Hospital Information Systems (HIS).
  • Workflow driven tools improve efficiency of daily work.

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