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Vyntus™ BODY Plethysmograph

Body Plethysmograph
Body Plethysmograph
Height Adjustable Cart
Ultrasonic Flow Sensor
Body Plethysmograph

Enhance your respiratory diagnostic capabilities with the Vyntus™ Body for pulmonary function testing.

The new Vyntus™ BODY stands for high value and outstanding quality down to the smallest details. It makes hygiene routines fast and easy and improves patient comfort and safety with a low entry step of only 7 cm.

The new Vyntus™ BODY is equipped with an innovative, calibration-free and waterproof ultrasonic sensor for fast, reliable and accurate results.

Key Features – Vyntus™ BODY

  • Calibration-free ultrasonic sensor breaks new ground in measurement technology. The heart of the system is a high-speed transducer, engineered for accurate and reliable clinical results.
  • Flexible 3D-Arm: the Vyntus™ BODY offers a flexible 3D arm that can be extended outside of the cabin up to an impressive reach of 63 cm. It is adjustable in height and position and perfectly adapts to patients' needs.
  • Vyntus™ BODY is available with height-adjustable and rotating chairs for up to 150 kg or with a bench for up to 250 kg.
  • Compatible with the MicroGard® filter: Minimal hygienic effort and reduces the cleaning of downstreamed parts to six months.
  • Powered by the SentrySuite® software platform for intelligent respiratory diagnostics.

Vyntus™ BODY - Brochure
Vyntus™ BODY - Technical Specifications
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