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Vyntus™ SPIRO - PC Precision Spirometer

PC Spirometer and Filter
Spirometer, Filter, and Nose Clip in Use
SentrySuite Software

The Vyntus™ SPIRO is an easy-to-use spirometer and has the flexibility to provide accurate results for both the general user and a sophisticated PFT lab.

Vyntus™ SPIRO is a stationary or portable PC spirometer solution that can act as a stand-alone device or as part of the SentrySuite network. Its excellent dynamic range effectively tests a broad population from small children to athletes.

Key Features – Vyntus™ SPIRO

  • All essential spirometry testing: Flow/Volume-loop (FVC), Slow Vital Capacity (SVC), Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (MVV), Pre and Post medication testing or therapy control.
  • Bronchial challenge testing: The integrated software-controlled bronchial challenge testing program assists accurate and safe provocation testing with user guidance throughout the entire protocol.
  • Optimize laboratory output with Quality Control based on ATS/ERS guidelines, during or after measurements, including colour-coded repeatability graphs.
  • Choose your reference set from a broad range of standard authors.
  • Customize further with editable reference modules and equations.
  • Compatible with the MicroGard® filter: Minimal hygienic effort and reduces the cleaning of downstreamed parts to three months.
  • Powered by the SentrySuite® software platform for intelligent respiratory diagnostics.

Vyntus™ Spiro - Brochure
The Vyntus™ Family - Brochure

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