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BritePro™ Max - Reusable Laryngoscope Solution

Reusable Laryngoscope Handle
Reusable Laryngoscope Handles
Macintosh Reusable Laryngoscope Blade
Macintosh Reusable Laryngoscope Blade
Miller Reusable Laryngoscope Blade

Reusable Fibre Optic and Conventional Laryngoscope Blades

High grade of fibre-optics provides optimal light transfer without heat, reducing risk of thermal damage and maximizing view of the larynx. Made from high quality stainless steel, our laryngoscope blades portfolio give clinicians a complete choice for all patient intubation needs.

BritePro™ Max LED Laryngoscope Handles

  • Flexicare has a range of handles that are capable of delivering high illumination and are compatible with all fiber optic blades conforming to EN ISO 7376.
  • BritePro Max uses the latest in LED technology to provide an electroluminescence, which is a strong white light allowing clinicians to have a clearer view of the larynx and a truer view of tissue visibility or lesions.

Macintosh Blades

Curved design allows the tip to be guided to the epiglottic vallecula for direct visualization of the glottis whilst holding the tongue to the side for direct vision of intubation.

Miller Blades

The shallow curved tip provides greater control in patients with a larger epiglottis, such as in paediatric patients. Infant and neonatal Miller blades also available with a delivery port to provide supplementary oxygen during laryngoscopy.

BritePro™ Max - Brochure
BritePro™ Max - Instructions for Use

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