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Reusable Trocars

Reusable Trocar System
Reusable Trocar System
Rigid Trocar
Rigid Trocar

The exceptionally lightweight, low profile and ergonomic design of the Aesculap reusable trocar system provides hospitals with a cost-effective alternative to disposable trocars.  Rigid trocars come in four different diameter sizes (3.5, 5, 10, and 12 mm) and three different lengths (60, 110, and 150 mm), as well as smooth or threaded versions with or without a stopcock.

HASSON Trocars for mini laparotomy are available in 10mm and 12mm sizes with a choice between a single-use sealing with flap converter and reusable sealing units.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Modular construction ensures optimal cleaning after use.
  • Color codes system allows for easy identification of compatible components.
  • Optimal weight distribution balances the trocar when inserted into the abdomen.
  • Low design of 3.5mm and 5mm is ideal for application in single incision procedures.
  • Choice between single use, bladeless dilating and fully reusable obturators.
  • Dramatically reduces cost and waste per case compared to fully disposable trocars.
  • Rapid payback provides high return on investment.

Reusable Trocar System - Brochure
Laparoscopic Instruments - Brochure

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