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Specialty Instruments

Bulldog Clips and Appliers
Laparoscopic Axial Needle Holders
Cinch Organ Retractor
Side Lock Graspers

Laparoscopic Slide Lock Graspers

Aesculap signature slide-lock graspers are designed to provide the highest level of tissue grasping properties, available in both atraumatic and retraction jaw patterns. Choose from single and double-action jaw models, as well as rotating and non-rotating shafts.

Laparoscopic Axial Needle Holders

With a revolutionary ergonomic handle design, Aesculap needle holders were created to provide superior balance and surgeon comfort. The powerful Tungsten Carbide jaws maintain a firm grip on even the finest needles and the thinnest suture. Needle holders are available in multiple jaw designs as well as 31 cm, 37 cm and 42 cm instrument lengths.

Bulldog Clips

Particularly for laparoscopic Bulldog Clips, easy and rapid clip removal is of the utmost importance. In partial nephrectomy, for instance, the blood supply to the entire kidney is interrupted during the resection procedure. In order to avoid damage to the kidney, the period of ischaemia should be kept as short as possible. For this reason, easy handling of the Bulldog Clips is extremely important.

Cinch Organ Retractor

Novel minimally invasive technologies now provide the laparoscopic surgeon the opportunity to reproduce the technique of traditional laparoscopic surgery through a single incision. The internal organ retractor is a novel self-retaining intracorporal retractor which was developed to overcome some of these challenges – to support the surgeon.

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Bulldog Clips and Appliers - Brochure
Laparoscopic Needle Holders - Brochure
Cinch Organ Retractor - Brochure

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