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Tissue Adhesives

Tissue Adhesive
Tissue Adhesive

TruTest® Tissue Adhesives are designed to combine flexibility, strength, and quick drying times, to close and protect wounds, lacerations and surgical incisions. Available in Clear, Blue, and Flexible designs.

Only one, thin layer of adhesive is needed for full strength closure and the peel strength is significantly higher than the leading competitor. Flexibility of polymerized adhesive adapts well to contours of laceration or incision site, minimizing cracking. The beveled applicator tip provides enhanced control and improved application for longer, wider incisions.

Key Features – TruTest® Tissue Adhesives

  • Flexibility of an Octyl and strength of a Butyl.
  • TRUTEST® Tissue Adhesive Flexible provides a microbial barrier for 7 days, with intact adhesive film.
  • 1 TRUTEST® Tissue Adhesive Flexible vial closes 25 linear centimeters.
  • Precision applicator with optional beveled tip for longer, wider applications.