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Titanium Standard Clips

Aneurysm Clips

With respect to the YASARGIL® aneurysm clips, Aesculap® is the world market leader.

Since their introduction in 1968, more than 2 million YASARGIL®  aneurysm clips have been implanted worldwide. All YASARGIL® aneurysm clips are manufactured at Aesculap® facilities in Tuttlingen, Germany under the control of experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen. Aesculap® offers more aneurysm clip patterns than any other vendor making treatment of challenging aneurysm shapes and sizes possible.

Key Features - YASARGIL® Aneurysm Clips

  • Available in standard and fenestrated styles.
  • Color coded with gold or silver blades (temporary or permanent clip).
  • Low profile aneurysm clip blades provide increased visualization of the cerebral anatomy.
  • Atraumatic, pyramidal design doubles the surface area available for contact with vascular tissue, prevents slipping and avoids damage to fragile vascular tissue.
  • Unique box lock mechanism ensures smooth movement and precise guidance of aneurysm clip blades to prevent scissoring.
  • High closing forces of up to 200 grams provide optimal aneurysm occlusion.
  • Temporary clips are marked with three stripes on the spring for easier interoperative identification.

YASARGIL® Aneurysm Clip System - Brochure
Titanium Standard Clips - Instructions for Use

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