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Titanium T-Bar Clips

T-Bar Clips
T-Bar Clips

T-Bar clips are ideal for the treatment of the following aneurysms and situations and are available in titanium straight and curved patterns.

  • Aneurysms which are located behind the vessel.
  • Fusiform aneurysms.
  • As an emergency clip for ruptured arteries.
  • At vessel bends and bifurcations (curved patterns).

Key Benefits - T-Bar Clips 

  • Require fewer clips to occlude the aneurysm and allow for more precise reconstruction of the vessel wall.
  • Allow for even distribution of closing force along the neck of the aneurysm.
  • Improved visibility during and after clip application.
  • Reduced risk of perioperative rupture.

YASARGIL® Specialty Aneurysm Clip System - Brochure
YASARGIL® Aneurysm Clips - Instructions for Use

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