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Heat & Moisture Exchanger Filters (HMEF) – ThermoShield™

HMEF Filter
HMEF Filter

The Flexicare ThermoShield™ consists of a Heat & Moisture Exchange medium together with an electrostatic filter medium. Heat and Moisture Exchange Filters (HMEFs) are used to protect patients and ventilators from cross infection and to warm and humidify the inspired gases.

Available as Adult or Mini (for short term Adult use and/or Pediatric) with optional Luer Ports for ETCO2 sampling.

Key Features - ThermoShield™ 

  • Secure Luer Lock: Easy to operate push-fit tethered luer lock cap is secured with a strap, reducing the risk of misplacement or loss.
  • Universal Connection: 22M/15F connectors complying with ISO 5356 providing universal connections.
  • Rounded Edges: Smooth contours prevent pressure marks on the patient.
  • Reduced Drag: Lightweight construction reduces drag on the breathing system and airway.
  • Ideal Design: The design of the filter conical connectors provides unidirectional fitting of the filter and prevents errors in connection. The patient side is clearly marked on the device housing for correct fitting.

ThermoShield™ - Brochure
ThermoShield™ - Instructions for Use