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Bipolar Instruments (Reusable)

Reusable Bipolar Instruments
Bipolar Instruments
Bipolar Instruments
Bipolar Instruments

AdTec® bipolar combines bipolar electric ablation with a new level of tactility. This highly innovative product was developed through the use of new materials - ceramic, steel and plastic - and combining these components using new manufacturing technologies.

The instruments are now more readily identifiable in blue with blue ceramic inside the jaw, blue insulation in the pull rod, and blue markings on the handles.

Key Features - AdTec® Bipolar Reusable Instruments

  • Reliability up to the tip.
  • The design enables excellent coagulation results.
  • Reliable closure of even large arterial vessels.
  • No ”slipping effect” when grasping and preparing.
  • No current leakage thanks to bipolar technology.
  • Reliable grasping, cutting and precise dissection of delicate structures.

AdTec® Reusable Bipolar Instruments - Brochure
AdTec® Reusable Bipolar Instruments - Instructions for Use

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