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Monopolar Instruments (Reusable)

Reusable Monopolar Instruments
Reusable Monopolar Instruments

Aesculap® offers over 100 combined patterns of monopolar and bipolar hand-held laparoscopic instruments in both standard and bariatric lengths.

  • 3.5mm Mini Forceps and Scissors
  • Scissors
  • Dissecting Forceps
  • Grasping Forceps
  • Biopsy Forceps

The reusable line of scissors, graspers, dissectors, and electrodes are designed in a modular format that allows you to minimize your cost while maximizing patient safety and clinical performance.

Key Features -  AdTec® Reusable Monopolar Instruments

  • Modular Design: Instruments completely disassemble for effective cleaning and decontamination by MDRD. Sterilization while fully assembled provides OR staff with ready to use instruments.
  • Cost Effective: All handles and jaw inserts are fully compatible and interchangeable. If a component wears out, only the single part, and not the entire instrument, requires repair or replacement.
  • PEEK Insulation: PolyEtherEtherKeytone (PEEK) provide durable insulation of handle and shaft. Robust material maintains integrity during sterilization cycles.

Laparoscopic Instruments - Brochure
AdTec® Reusable Monopolar Instruments - Instructions for Use

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