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marLED® X Series - Operating Lights

surgical light system
surgical light system
surgical light system
surgical light system
surgical light system

The marLED® X series represents innovative light technology in a compact unit that can manage all situations in the operating theatre- regardless of the light intensity, size of light field or color temperature. marLED® X is extremely simple and versatile: Clear icons ensure that every action is completely intuitive and thus give you the widest possible range of setting options so that anyone can operate without difficulty.

Key Features - marLED® X Series 

  • Flexible: Every single one of the LEDs can be actuated individually. Variable light field geometry, matrix light function, active shadow management and LightTubeMax with separately configurable parameters give you the widest possible range of setting options.
  • Functional: One has several options for operating marLED® X: The control panel on the light for setting the main functions, the SensoGrip multifunction handle or the optional marTouch® Pro control unit, which can be used for individual configuration of all parameters.

You can use the touch-sensitive marTouch® Pro controller to adjust every parameter for your specific requirements during the operation. And even better: you can set your own "personal light", i.e. the precise light settings that you prefer. You can also control all the functions of the KLS Martin camera systems without difficulty. All completely intuitive with the self-explanatory, icon-based operation of the touch screen.

  • Aseptic: The marLED® X has a consistent slimline shape. Particular attention has been paid to a closed surface and flow-optimized housing design. Both features ensure that the body of the light can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. The safety glass of the operating light and the IP protection class substantially increase safety and service life.
  • Modern: The marLED® X is characterized by its slim design, clear lines, and at the same time a highly functional design with intuitive operation. The combination of the versatile operating light and user-friendly operation has won several awards - the iF Design Award 2019, the Red Dot Design Award 2019 and the German Design Award 2020.


marLED® X series - Brochure
marLED® X series - Product Overview

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