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Vital Signs® - Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Esophageal Stethoscopes
Foley Catheters
General Purpose Probes
Skin Probes
Tympanic probes

Vyaire’s Vital Signs™ temperature monitoring probes and cables measure patient temperature from the fingers, toes, ears, esophagus, nasopharynx, rectum, and bladder application areas. Validated for use with GE Healthcare patient monitors.

General Purpose Probes

  • General purpose probes measure core body temperature and are made from non-porous material for enhanced patient safety.
  • Versatile applications including oral and rectal introduction in 9FR and 12FR sizes.

Esophageal stethoscopes with Temperature Probes

  • Well-suited for the surgical setting, esophageal stethoscopes monitor heart and respiratory sounds well as critical core temperature in anesthetized patients.
  • Available in 9FR, 12FR, 18FR, and 24FR sizes.

Foley catheters with Temperature Probes

  • Silicone Foley catheters allow for urinary drainage while simultaneously monitoring core body temperature.
  • Color-coded hub allows for quick size identification
  • Available in 14FR, 16FR, and 18FR sizes.

Skin probes

  • Skin probes measure surface temperature and are versatile enough for use in many different care areas and patient applications.
  • These probes use a non-irritating and non-sensitizing adhesive for attachment to the skin.

Tympanic probes

  • With a cotton tip and easy, secure placement, tympanic probes are designed for atraumatic introduction into the auditory canal.
  • These probes noninvasively provide a reflective measurement of the body’s core temperature and are well-suited for use in anesthesia, as well as the burn unit, emergency room, NICU and PICU.

Vital Signs® Temperature Monitoring Solutions - Brochure