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Flexicare Anesthesia Face Masks

Anesthesia Face Mask
Anesthesia Face Mask

Flexicare offers a complete range of single-patient-use anesthesia masks made with crystal clear construction, giving clinicians good visual observation of the patient’s status.

Available in seven sizes, from neonatal to extra-large adult.

Key Features – Flexicare Anesthesia Masks

  • Inflatable Cushion: The seal can be enhanced by inflating or deflating the cushion to suit the patient’s anatomical contours.
  • Soft Cushion: Smooth material used for the cushion allows for a tight seal while providing patient comfort.
  • Colour Coding: Colour coded hooks indicate mask size.
  • Ease of Observation: Clear face piece allows visual observation of the patient’s status.

Flexicare Anesthesia Face Masks - Brochure