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BriteBlade Pro™ - Disposable Laryngoscope Blades

Laryngoscope Blade Macintosh Style
Laryngoscope Blade Miller Style
Laryngoscope Blade and Handle in Use

BriteBlade Pro™ offers a comprehensive range of adult and paediatric, single-use, all-metal laryngoscope blades for every intubation situation. Compatible with all fibre-optic handles.

Key Features - BriteBlade Pro™

  • Reduced Shoulder and Block Height: Improved access with a greater field of view and less risk of dental damage.
  • All Metal One-piece Blade: 100% metal, removes possible risk of plastic block breaking under force from intubation.
  • Rounded Tip and Edges: Reduces risk of soft tissue damage.
  • Sterile Packed: Reduces risk of cross contamination, simply open, use and dispose.

BriteBlade Pro™ - Brochure
BriteBlade Pro™ - Product Data Sheet

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