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BritePro™ Solo - Disposable Laryngoscope Solution

Disposable Laryngoscope
Disposable Laryngoscope Handles
Disposable Laryngoscope Handle
Disposable Laryngoscope Handle
Disposable Laryngoscope

BritePro™ Solo consists of a sterile ergonomic handle with pre-fitted batteries, bright LED light, and a fibre optic all-metal blade. Simply open when needed, use and dispose.

Key Features - BritePro™ Solo

  • Performance: Unique textured grip delivers excellent control and feel, while the high intensity white light provides excellent visualization.
  • Reduced Handling Before and After Use: Take straight from the pack, use and safely dispose without removing the batteries, reducing risk of cross-contamination between patients and staff.
  • Interchangeable Blades: Quick and easy exchange of blade type and size without having to open another Solo pack.
  • Reduced Profile: Reduction in the shoulder and block height lowers the risk of dental trauma and provides additional space to maneuver the blade to obtain the best view.
  • Mini Handle Option: Suitable for neonates and infants, the lightweight BritePro™ Solo Mini handle provides excellent tactile feedback to the user.

BritePro™ Solo - Brochure
BritePro™ Solo - Instructions for Use
BritePro™ Solo - Anesthesiologist Testimonial
BritePro™ Solo - User Guide

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