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Multi-Link™ X2 - Single Patient Use ECG Leadwires

Single Patient Use Leadwire
Multi-Link™ X2 Trunk Cable Adapters
Multi-Link™ X2 Single Patient Use ECG Leadwires
Multi-Link™ X2 Single Patient Use ECG Leadwires

The Vyaire Medical Multi-Link™ X2 single-patient use leadwire system is a fully disposable and versatile solution.

The leadwires remain with the patient throughout their patient journey, even when transferred between departments. Disposable leadwires that move with the patient reduce cross-contamination and help lower the rate of hospital acquired infections (HAI).

The Multi-Link™ X2 ECG System provides a robust offering of lengths, grabbers, and snaps for both reusable and disposable leadwire configurations.

Finding the right connection in your healthcare facility is no longer a concern as the Multi-Link™ X2 ECG System is compatible with the following bedside monitoring platforms.

  • GE® Healthcare
  • Philips®
  • Spacelabs®
  • Nihon Kohden®
  • Mindray®

The universally-compatible trunk cables allow you to use the same leadwires throughout your facility.

Multi-Link™ X2 - Brochure
Multi-Link™ X2 - Instructions for Use
Multi-Link™ X2 - Demo Video

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