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Diagnostic ECG Electrodes

Pre-Wired Neonatal Electrodes
Tab Electrode
Performance Plus Stress and Holter Testing Electrodes
Pediatric ECG Electrode
ECG Electrode

Trudell Healthcare Solutions partners with Nissha Medical Technologies | Healthcare Solutions, a leader in quality and performance for disposable diagnostic EKG electrodes for any clinical application.

Zbrand™ - All Purpose Economic Electrodes 

  • Zbrand™ electrodes were designed to meet the requirements of the entire hospital by offering an economic, generic patient monitoring solution with quality performance. Zbrand™ electrodes have a 3-day wear time and are available in both wet and solid gel in a variety of shapes and sizes.

SilveRest™ - Diagnostic Resting Tab EKG Electrodes 

  • SilveRest™ tab electrodes for resting EKG provide excellent adhesion and quality traces. Our silver/silver chloride coating and conductive adhesive gel provide an electrode that meets or exceeds the AAMI standard for disposable pre-gelled EKG electrodes. Available in pediatric and adult sizes with an adhesive solid gel.

VersaTrode™ - Adult General Purpose Electrodes 

  • The ideal choice for all adult cardiac monitoring and diagnostic applications. Each VersaTrode™ is designed to work in all procedures: Stress Test, Long Term Monitoring, Short Term Monitoring or Resting ECG. Available in diaphoretic foam, breathable tape, or soft-cloth.

TenderTrode™ and TenderTrode Plus™ - Pediatric & Neo-Natal EKG Electrodes 

  • Each electrode is carefully designed with gentle, hypoallergenic adhesives and soft conforming materials to ensure comfort and effectiveness on young patients. TenderTrode™ offers an electrode for every infant and pediatric application: Diagnostics, APNEA and PICU.
  • With TenderTrode Plus™ , benefit from a complete line of pre-wired electrodes for use in the NICU and other neonatal applications. Available in various sizes as well as metallic or radio-translucent lead wires.

PerformancePlus™ - Stress Testing and Holter Electrodes 

  • In critical diagnostic situations, PerformancePlus™ electrodes ensure quality readings, zero artifact and no repeat procedures. There are a variety of sizes of hypoallergenic, wet gel electrodes in tape, cloth, or foam material types.

Guardian™ - Long Term Monitoring Electrodes 

  • Designed for use in ICU/CCU and other long-term applications, Guardian™ electrodes are available in soft cloth, breathable tape, or occlusive foam. They also use low chloride liquid gel and hypoallergenic adhesives to reduce the possibility of irritation associated with long-term use.


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