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Vyntus™ ONE Pulmonary Function System

Pulmonary Function System
Pulmonary Function System Components
Pulmonary Function System with Patient on Bench
Pulmonary Function System with Patient on Bike

Vyntus™ ONE is an innovative pulmonary function system equipped with an ultrasonic sensor.

Vyntus™ ONE is incredibly capable with a modular design that possesses an impressive array of features. Your Vyntus™ ONE can even grow later on together with your needs delivering high performance and utility in a single package. It is even able to be extended to also measure cardiopulmonary exercise tests with the same module.

It is designed to make your tests more accurate, less intrusive, and less stressful for patients.

Key Features - Vyntus™ ONE

  • Vyntus™ ONE’s breathing circuits achieve significant improvements in patient comfort and accuracy. Some technology drivers to achieve this are the double shot technology, the flowpath valve and the eDemand valve.
  • Waterproof Ultrasonic sensor to measure Spirometry; Diffusion SB Realtime and Intrabreath; Lung volumes with N2 Washout and LCI; P0.1, MIP/MEP, SNIP, Compliance, Rocc, Rhinomanometry and Noninvasiv cardiac output.
  • Digital volume transducer to measure CPET Breath-by-Breath. Combine your Vyntus™ ONE with various bikes, treadmills and the bluetooth Vyntus™ ECG to be ready for cardiopulmonary exercise tests.
  • Vyntus™ ONE is easy to operate, and seamlessly integrated with your clinical information systems and existing network infrastructures.
  • Compatible with the MicroGard® filter: Minimal hygienic effort and reduces the cleaning of downstreamed parts to three months.
  • Powered by the trusted SentrySuite® software platform.

Vyntus™ ONE - Brochure
Vyntus™ ONE - Technical Specifications
The Vyntus™ Family - Brochure

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