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Multi-Link™ - Reusable ECG Leadwires

Standard-length ECG Cables (GE)

Our Multi-Link Reusable® ECG leadwires and cables are official, validated supplies for GE Healthcare equipment. They have been designed for optimal performance and use with GE Healthcare ECG systems, connecting the device to the patient to capture an accurate reading.

Standard-Length ECG Leadwires

  • A Breadth of reusable sets; 3-Lead, 5-Lead, or 6-Lead configurations.
  • Varied lengths of leadwires including short, long, or mixed lengths.
  • Grabber or snap connections.
  • Individual Replacement Leadwires available.
  • All leadwires are to be used with Multi-Link ECG trunk cables.

ECG Trunk Cables

  • 3-Lead, 5-Lead, 6-lead, and 12-Lead trunk cables validated for use with Multi-Link™ Leadwire sets.
  • Validated for use with GE Monitors.

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