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Aesculap® SterilContainer™ System

Sterile Containers
Sterile Container with Pre Configured Tray and Instrument Sets
Sterile Container with Pre Configured Tray

For over 50 years Aesculap® is a leading manufacturer of sterile containers representing the sterile supplies packaging and systematic organization of the sterile supply cycle.

As the market leader in sterile containers, Aesculap® can help you lower operating expenses, support green purchasing initiatives, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Aesculap® offers an extensive range of containers, baskets, and accessories to meet all of your instrument sets and reprocessing requirements.

Sterilization container system products by Aesculap® are recognized by thousands of satisfied customers around the world for their quality. Deliver the right instrument set, to the right place, on time.

Key Benefits - Aesculap® SterilContainer™ System

  • Extensive range of container sizes and heights to meet all your instrument sets requirements.
  • Undisputed rigid sterile container leader in quality and features provides you the confidence over the 10+ year service life.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction that is 15% to 20% lighter than leading competitors helps you meet AAMI 25lbs weight recommendation.
  • 90° Stop handle protects staff from finger injuries during handling.
  • Single motion latch design secures container quickly to reduce time and hassle in SPD and OR.
  • One step retention plate with audible “click” secures filter to simplify operations and improves processing time.
  • Able to containerize pre-configured instrument sets including orthopedic, spine and specialty medical devices.

SterilContainer™ System - Brochure
SterilContainer™ System - Catalog
SterilContainer™ System - Instructions for Use
SterilContainer™ System - Prep&Pack User Guide

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