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ProVu™ Video Stylet

Video Stylet
Video Stylet
Video Stylet with Monitor
Video Stylet Pole Stand and Monitor
Video Stylet in Use During Intubation with Laryngoscope

The ProVu™ Video Stylet (VS) overcomes the limitations of existing video intubation devices, making navigating difficult airways effortless.

Key Features - ProVu™ VS

  • All Anatomies: Shaped stylet to match any difficult airway. Remove malleable rod for extra flexibility during nasotracheal intubation or intubating through laryngeal masks.
  • Accurate Placement: No need for an X-Ray. Innovative visualization of the ProVu™ VS shows ET tube passage all the way down to the carina.
  • Rapid Placement: Maneuverable tip to navigate any airway and soft ET tube tip reduces possible trauma.
  • Complete Visualization: Latest high-resolution camera technology with anti-fog coating.
  • Intubation Station: The ProVu™ Intubation Station provides you with the ability to instantly obtain the optimum viewing position with its articulating arm.

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