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Bag-Valve-Mask Resuscitation Bags

CPR Thermoplastic Bags with Mask
CPR Thermoplastic Bags with Mask
Synthetic Rubber CPR Bag with Mask
Manometer, Mask, and PEEP Valve

Synthetic Rubber Resuscitation Bags - Disposable

Mercury Medical’s rubber CPR Bags are designed to accommodate the most urgent and unique situations of on-site EMS, Hospital I.C.U., E.R., O.R. and Recovery Room needs. There are two designs, synthetic rubber or thermoplastic.

CPR-2 Thermoplastic Resuscitation Bags – Disposable

The CPR-2 line of manual resuscitators uses thermoplastic (PVC) bag material to provide superior lung compliance feel with exceptional responsiveness.

Optional Accessories

  • PEEP Valve: Prevents lung collapse and helps keep alveoli open at the end of expiration, thus improving oxygenation.
  • Mask Configurations: Neonatal to Adult cushion masks.
  • Override Button with Lock-clip: Prevents accidental over ventilating by keeping peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) below 40 cm H2O.
  • LiteSaver® Manometer: Color-coded manometer is critical for reducing the risk of aspiration and further lung injury.
  • End Tidal CO2 Detectors: Visualization of exhaled CO2 to assist in verifying proper intubation.
  • Oxygen Bag Reservoir.
  • Disconnect Wedge.
  • Exhalation Filters.

CPR Bags - Brochures
CPR Solutions - Instructions for Use
CPR Solutions - IFU (489.17 KB)