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Dual Purpose Mapleson Anesthesia Circuits (Jackson-Reese)

Mapleson Circuit

Dual-Purpose Mapleson or Jackson-Reese anesthesia circuits will make your patient transfer easier than ever. Connect to an anesthesia machine or a standard O2 source.

Mercury Medical Mapleson Anesthesia circuits divides non-rebreathing circuits into functionally similar groups, on the basis of the fresh gas flow required to prevent rebreathing and the ease with which intermittent positive pressure ventilation may be performed.

Available in 0.5L, 1L, 2L, and 3L bag configurations.

Key Features

  • Built-in, Color Coded Manometer: Offers convenient viewing of airway pressure and PEEP pressure.
  • Continued Resuscitation: Once circuit is removed from anesthesia machine, simply connect circuit to a standard oxygen source and continue resuscitating patient on the way to recovery.
  • Unique, Universal Singleton Connector: Enables the circuit to be reconnected to a standard oxygen source during patient transport.
  • Bag Tail Bleed Valve: Simple and easy to use and stays in position.

Dual Purpose Mapleson - Brochure
Dual Purpose Mapleson - Instructions for Use