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The Broselow™ System - Simplified Pediatric Emergency Care

The Broselow System
Broselow System Intubation Module
Broselow System Intravenous module
Broselow System IO Needle
Broselow System Oxygen Mask

Reduce delays in pediatric emergencies with The Broselow™ system. A simplified emergency color-coded system that helps ensure timely and accurate medication dosing by utilizing length to categorize pediatric patients using color zones. Each zone has accurate size-based information about medications, procedure-specific equipment, and emergency situations.

Each Broselow Pediatric Emergency Kit includes:

  • Color-coded Broselow emergency tape sizing guide.
  • Modules for intubation, intravenous, oxygen and intraosseous procedures.
  • Infant, child and small adult blood pressure cuffs.
  • Blood pressure manometer.
  • Manual resuscitator.
  • 2 laryngoscope handles.
  • 1 small and 1 large set of Magill Forceps.

Optimal Color-coding design:

  • Helps prevent mathematical and dosing errors during chaotic situations.
  • Simplifies use of pre-sized emergency equipment.
  • Can be used in tandem with a Broselow 9-Drawer Pediatric Color-Coded Emergency Cart.

The Broselow™ System - Brochure
The Broselow™ System - Components Overview

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