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bellavista™ neo

Ventilator and Incubator

bellavista™ neo is designed to have the highest precision in volume and pressure control for your smallest and most sensitive patients. Engineered to support neonates with extremely low birth weights, it delivers tidal volume as low as 2 mL.

Key Features - bellavista™ neo

  • Compact and light.
  • Simple, intuitive user interface on a 13.3” colour touchscreen.
  • nCPAP and nIPPV with choice of pressure or flow-based ventilation modes.
  • High Flow Oxygen Therapy with flows up to 60 L/min.
  • Proximal Flow Sensor technology for sensitive and precise triggering.
  • Configurable FiO2 delivery - Elevates FiO2 and duration for Oxygen Flush.
  • Target Vent: Provides a full ventilation platform with target volumes of 2 mL tidal volume. Our TargetVent modes can also be used for noninvasive ventilation.

bellavista™ neo – Brochures
bellavista™ neo – Technical Specifications

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