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fabian™ HFO

Ventilator in Transport
Ventilation Modes

Count on the neonatal expertise of the fabian™ family of ventilators from Vyaire. Designed specifically for patients up to 30kg’s, fabian™ HFO meets the rapidly-changing needs and nuances of the NICU.

The fabian™  HFO with a 10.4" touch screen is our most comprehensive ventilator. This model has a true single membrane high-frequency oscillation (HFO) with active inspiration and expiration in addition to all modern noninvaisve and conventional modes.

Other enhancements include Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT), a precise and intelligent lung recruitment tool.

Key Features - fabian™ HFO

  • 4-in-1: All neonatal and pediatric conventional ventilation modes (Volume Guarantee included), Non-Invasive Ventilation modes (NIV), O2 therapy with High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) and unique High Frequency Oscillation (HFO) with Lung Recruitment Maneuver and Volume Guarantee.
  • Future oriented: Neonatal and pediatric ventilation modes (IPPV, SIPPV, SIMV, PSV and SIMV+PSV) with independent adjustment of inspiratory and expiratory flow reduces the work of breathing and inadvertent PEEP.
  • Ventilation beyond limits: nCPAP and DuoPAP modes, for nasal and mask ventilation, with automatic leak compensation, featuring two-level CPAP mode to improve CO2 removal.
  • Ease of Use: A clear, bright touch-TFT display – visible at any angle and distance – with intuitive commands reduces human error and puts the focus back on the baby.
  • Comprehensive Device: Allowing easy access to the baby at all times without disturbing the bed site inside the NICU/PICU. 
  • Lightweight Unit: Designed for safe practical transport with integrated electronic gas blender and built-in battery.


fabian™ HFO - Brochure
fabian™ HFO - Product Overview

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