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fabian™ PRICO - Predictive Intelligent Control of Oxygenation


The next generation of Closed-Loop oxygenation. Individual. Intelligent. Efficient.

Every newborn is special. PRICO (Predictive Intelligent Control of Oxygenation) is the next generation of Intelligent Closed-Loop FiO2-SpO2 Controls, maintaining the patient’s SpO2 within the intended range. Together with the Masimo Set® SpO2-Sensors, its unique algorithm and high-performance blender now perform FiO2 adjustments automatically, quickly, and more reliably than ever before.

PRICO is available for all fabian™ ventilators including the +nCPAP evolution, Therapy evolution, and HFO.

Key Benefits - fabian™ PRICO

Patient Outcomes

  • Reducing hypoxic and hyperoxic events.
  • Minimizing the long-term exposure to high FiO2 levels.
  • Less periods outside target SpO2 range leads to improved patient safety.

Workflow Improvement

  • Improving workflow around the NICU.
  • Less hands-on requirements at the bedside.
  • Automatically supports your oxygenation strategy.

Cost Effective

  • More efficient time management for caregivers.
  • Improved NICU management.


fabian™ PRICO - Brochure
fabian™ PRICO - User Guide

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