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SterilContainer™ System - Accessories

Bio Bin for Containers
Endoscope Holder Basket
Mats for Containers
Basin for Containers

The Aesculap SterilContainer™ System has all the accessories you will need to complement the process for packaging, transportation, and storage of instruments prior to, during, and after sterilization. The assorted accessories include baskets, filters, indicator cards, tamper evident locks, mats and stringers.

Key Accessories - SterilContainer™ System

  • Endoscopy Storage.
  • Instrument Storage Racks.
  • Basket Dividers.
  • Micro Instrument Holders.
  • Racks and Trays.
  • Metal Basins/Bowls.
  • Mats/Lubricants/Cleaners.
  • ID Labels and Tags.
  • Communicators Tags/Stringers/ID Brackets.

SterilContainer™ System - Catalog
SterilContainer™ System - Instructions for Use

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