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Transpac® IT – Integrated Pressure Transducer System

Pressure Transducer System

Transpac® IT is an integrated pressure transducer combining a zeroing stopcock and combo flushing mechanism in an all-in-one, easy-to-use device.

With its integrated design and clear fluid pathway, Transpac IT can help you enhance patient safety with increased visibility and fewer opportunities for disconnections. Available in multiple configurations to support adult, pediatric, and neonatal critical care needs.

Key Features - Transpac® IT

  • Color-coded single, double, and triple pressure monitoring kits.
  • Clear Fluid Pathway: Allows for easy identification of air bubbles.
  • Reduced Fluid Pathway: Requires less priming volume, creating less space for air bubbles and transducer interference.
  • Combo Flush Mechanism: Accommodate clinical preference and ease of use with either squeeze flush or pull tab.
  • Angled Connection: Permits easy access to zeroing stopcock.
  • Compatible with most currently available patient monitoring systems.
  • Compatible with all existing Transpac IV accessories.
  • Available with SafeSet™, a closed, needle-free in-line blood sampling system.

Transpac® IT - Brochure
Transpac® IT - User Guide Reference Sheet

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