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Transpac® IV – Disposable Pressure Transducer System

Pressure Transducer System

Transpac® IV provides reliable hemodynamic and cardiovascular data you need to manage your critical patients. Provide accurate, real-time invasive blood pressure measurement.

The disposable pressure transducer is needle-free and available in multiple configurations to support neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients.

Key Features – Transpac® IV

  • Color coded lines for easy identification.
  • Various single, double, and triple line options with patient or pole mounting for added clinical flexibility.
  • High durometer pressure tubing ensures optimal dynamic response.
  • The easy-to-use cable connection is available in multiple standard and custom configurations to meet your clinical needs.
  • Available for compartmental pressure applications: ICP, IUP, abdominal, bladder.
  • Clear fluid pathway facilitates priming during setup.
  • Proven continuous flush device with Squeeze flush.
  • Available with SafeSet™ blood conservation system.

Transpac® IV - Brochure
Transpac® IV - Instructions for Use

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