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Infant Flow™ LP nCPAP System – Ventilation Consumables

nCPAP Generator and Circuit Kit
Nasal Masks
Nasal Prongs

Infant Flow™ LP provides a full line of nCPAP solutions that can be used with the Infant Flow™ SiPAP and fabian™ family of ventilators. Benefit from a range of solutions for your most precious neonatal patient.

Infant Flow™ LP Headgear

  • The unique design of the headgear provides a custom fit and secures the generator to headgear. The intuitive “comfort wrap” allows a single clinician to quickly apply the headgear.
  • The headgear is available in six sizes to fit head circumferences from 17 to 42 centimeters.

Infant Flow™ LP Bonnets

  • The attachment pad in the center of the bonnet safely secures the generator to the bonnet.
  • The traditional soft cotton bonnets are available in 10 sizes to fit head measurements from 18 cm to 38 cm.

Infant Flow™ LP Nasal Masks

  • Designed for maximum therapeutic effectiveness and patient comfort. The flexible bellow allows the mask to find a natural position over the infant’s nose, minimizing leaks to maintain a consistent nCPAP level.

Infant Flow™ LP Nasal Prongs

  • Designed for maximum therapeutic effectiveness and patient comfort, the prongs have high-profile design to minimize skin contact and provide visual verification of proper placement.

Infant Flow™ LP nCPAP Generator - Circuit Kit and Starter Kits

  • The combo kits include Infant Flow LP nCPAP Generator kits and single-limb, heated breathing circuits.
  • Optional starter kits available which include Generator Kits, Nasal Prongs, Nasal Masks, and Headgear.

Infant Flow™ LP - Brochures
Infant Flow™ LP - Product Overview

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