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LarySeal™ Laryngeal Mask Airways

Laryngeal Masked Airway Blue
Laryngeal Masked Airway Multiple Use
Laryngeal Masked Airway Flexible
Laryngeal Masked Airway Clear

LarySeal™ laryngeal mask airways are a comprehensive range of devices that adapt to the contour of the oropharyngeal airway for easy first time insertion success.

Key Features – LarySeal™ Multiple, Blue, Clear & Flexi

The LarySeal™ Multiple design is durable and comprises of high temperature resistant material that is autoclavable up to 40 cycles.

  • Secure Seal for Airway Management: Cuff material molds against the contours of the oropharyngeal area, providing a secure seal.
  • Clear View: Deep and open port reduces risk of blockage by epiglottis and provides unrestricted access for use with an endoscope.
  • Universal Connector: 15mm Male connector provides a universal connection.
  • Indication of the Cuff Pressure through Pilot Balloon: Thin wall pilot balloon indicates the inflation of the cuff.
  • Colour Coded Pilot Balloon: Easy identification of sizing by colour coded pilot balloons.
  • Crush Resistant Tube: Thickness of the main tube wall reduces risk of crushing, while star lumen maintains patency.


LarySeal™ - Brochure
LarySeal™ - Instructions for Use
LarySeal™ - IFU (357.77 KB)
LarySeal™ - Airway Insertion Guide

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