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Vyntus™ PNEUMO I Vyntus™ IOS I Vyntus™ APS

Modular high-end PC-Spirometer
Modular high-end PC-Spirometer
Modular high-end PC-Spirometer
Modular high-end PC-Spirometer Components
Modular high-end PC-Spirometer in Use

The modular JAEGER Vyntus™ PNEUMO belongs to the Vyntus Family and is combinable with Vyntus APS for bronchial challenge testing and/or Vyntus IOS Impulse Oscillometry for measuring central and peripheral airway resistance.

Its excellent dynamic range and performance allows for testing a broad population, from small children to athletes.

Key Features – Vyntus® PNEUMO I IOS I APS

  • All of the essential spirometry testing: Flow/Volume-loop (FVC), Slow Vital Capacity (SVC), Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (MVV), Pre and Post medication testing or therapy control.
  • Expand your diagnostic capabilities with measurements like Rocc, P0.1, Pmax, SNIP, rhinomanometry and compliance.
  • Compatible with the MicroGard® filter: Minimal hygienic effort and reduces the cleaning of downstreamed parts to three months.
  • Powered by the SentrySuite® software platform for intelligent respiratory diagnostics.

Vyntus™ PNEUMO-IOS-APS - Brochure
The Vyntus™ Family - Brochure

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