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YARSARGIL® Storage Solutions

Clip Storage System

Temporary and Permanent clips can be stored in one tray for a rapid retrieval of suitable clips during surgery.

  • Long Term Stability: The metal tray is more durable than plastic trays even after hundred of reprocessing cycles.
  • Reduced Footprint: An increased number of compartments in smaller trays saves space in the OR. Small tray offers 21 compartments, the large tray has 42 compartments.

Identification Tag for Clip Trays

For each clip arrangement, a corresponding tag is available. The identification tag contains the item number, blade length, spring size and an actual size image of each clip

  • Tags have the same color coding as the Yasargil aneurysm clips. Tags for Temporary clips are yellow, tags for Permanent clips are grey.

YARSARGIL® Clip Tray - Brochure

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